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Identify your limits so that you can move past them
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Your New Normal is Limitless

When it comes to our bodies, we all experience limitations from time to time. Our brain gives us reminders (like aches, tightness, loss of mobility or stability), but we’re used to putting on a brave face and pushing through. We hope our situation will magically improve on its own, or worse – we accept these limitations as the new normal. 

In reality, unless you’ve suffered an acute injury – there is no reason you need to live with discomfort or restricted mobility. In most cases, there are simple steps that anyone can take to correct imbalances and make positive change. 

Identifying what’s holding you back and learning to address it is an important first step to improving the way your entire body moves. When you focus on these areas of opportunity, small changes can have a big impact.

Everything up the chain gets better, because your brain can actually relax as your body begins to function as it should. 

Your Movement Assessment

Your Movement Assessment is a series of 10 straightforward tests that assess how your body moves. Each test has a different focus, designed to highlight any limitations you’re currently experiencing (whether you were aware of them or not) and identify your biggest areas of opportunity.

With this foundation, movr curates specific movements to help you free up any problem areas and improve where you need it most. We call these Your Minis – bite-sized, approachable sessions that help you feel better in the short-term, while developing long-term mobility and strength.

Assessing your movement doesn’t take much time, but the more you do it – the better. As you learn to understand your body and how it moves, it becomes easier to make changes and measure your progress. And what’s more – assessing yourself regularly enables movr to adapt and unlock new ways to keep you moving forward. 

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