How to Train Smarter, Not Harder

The secret to success isn’t just doing more
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If you were to believe everything you read these days about strength and mobility training, you could understandably start to think that getting the results you want comes down to just one thing: hard work.

You might think that if you’re not improving, you’re just not trying hard enough. There’s certainly a lot of literature out there to convince you of that. But what if you’re consistently sweating hard and your body still isn’t responding the way you want it to?

It’s time to assess what your body really needs.

Enter the Movement Assessment. 

Our Movement Assessment is comprised of 10 quick tests that build a complete picture of where you’re at and what you need to move your best. You can do these one at a time, or all at once. 

Everyone is different, and the way you score on each test can be surprising – it doesn’t necessarily tie in to your perceived fitness level.

For example: 

Someone who practices yoga every day can bend in all the ways we think are great. As a result, they might ace tests for mobility… but find themselves challenged with core stability tests. Their lower back and abdomen (areas that are functionally built to be stable) require more strength and stability to balance out their supercharged yogi mobility.

On the other hand, someone who likes to hit the gym after a day at the desk needs a different approach. Before focusing on strength, they actually need to work on mobility. Opening up the shoulders and hips will improve how they feel and move generally, in addition to preparing their body to effectively build strength later on.

Our Movement Assessment identifies your specific needs so that we can can curate the right Minis to address them. That way, when your body isn’t working the way you want it to, you have the ability to find out what’s holding you back – and make moves to set it straight.

There are always ways to train your body intelligently and improve how you move. Pushing your body hard and building strength has its place , but only when you know you’ve got the mobility and stability to support it.

With movr, we’re giving you the tools to assess and fine-tune your movement, so that you can train your body better, not just harder.  


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movr is free.

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