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The benefits of regular exercise are well-established. In addition to the positive impacts on your physical health, exercise also reduces stress, combats fatigue, and improves sleep quality – significantly impacting energy levels, mood and mental clarity.

Given the facts, it’s not surprising that forward-thinking companies have begun to encourage physical activity both in and out of the workplace. Well-known corporate offices are now spending a lot more on employee health, offering anything from on-site fitness facilities and daily classes to free gym memberships and other financial incentives.

It’s plain to see how such initiatives can improve employee well-being and job satisfaction. But any time away from the desk during a busy workday must inevitably take a toll on productivity – right?

Apparently not. Prevailing science suggests that workplace strategies to improve employee productivity should actually focus on reducing sitting time and increasing physical activity throughout the day.

Better focus, strengthened relationships and improved stress management

In 2010, one study found that health-related productivity loss was reported in 50-70% of european employees. These losses were shown to be successfully mitigated by displacing sitting time with small periods of incidental movement and short walks throughout the day. 

Another study found that exercising during the workday led to better concentration, work-based relationships and heightened resilience to stress. On days that participants exercised before or at work:

  • 72% reported better time management

  • 74% reported better management of output demands 

  • 79% reported better mental-interpersonal performance

Findings like these suggest that increasing active breaks from work can actually produce a competitive advantage – with mutual, multi-faceted benefits to both employers and staff. 

“Increasing active breaks from work can produce a competitive advantage – with mutual, multi-faceted benefits to both employers and staff.”

But the modern workplace is complicated. The additional space and resources required to implement complex health offerings may not be feasible for all companies. And with the prevalence of working from home on the rise, ensuring employees have options for staying healthy, connected and motivated can be a legitimate challenge.

Here’s how movr can help

For any workplace initiative to be feasible, it needs to make life easier at every level of your organization. 

We introduced movr groups to be a clear win for all stakeholders, so that the whole team can rely on the movr app as a sustainable part of your health and wellness program.

1. Easy Innovation for Executives 

Strong, mission-driven leaders need to bring innovation to their teams that advances the company’s interests while meeting the needs of employees

But once a decision has been made, you also need the flexibility to move on to other big decisions without getting lost in the weeds. 

movr makes it easy for executives to:

2. Hands-off programming for administrators

Administrators, HR and Wellness Coordinators have a lot to manage. From looking after the well-being and health of employees to administering benefits, payouts and everything in between – it can be hard to find the time to facilitate new initiatives.

movr helps ease the load on those who administer new programs. We’ll do the leg work – helping engage your office and providing technical support along the way. At the same time, you can track participation and enrolment with the tap of a thumb. That’s all there is to it!

3. Personalized progress for employees

Your staff are a diverse group with unique backgrounds, ambitions and challenges. The way they move their bodies should always reflect that. 

While movr groups help engage the whole team around healthy habits and friendly competition, movr is at its core a personal training tool. 

Every person’s experience is tailored to their personal needs and goals. This helps ensure they have a relevant and accessible way to feel great in their body – whatever that means for them.

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Moving forward together

While the modern workplace is in a state of flux, one thing that will always remain paramount is the health of our people. Prioritizing a robust, healthy workforce pays dividends to your entire company.

Your approach doesn’t need to be overly complicated, time-consuming or expensive. But in order to be sustainable, it does need to make sense for everyone involved.

So when you’ve got a proven option that provides a clear win for your executives, administrators and staff, the real question is:

What are you waiting for?

movr is a movement training app. We help organizations of all shapes and sizes mobilize their workforce with healthy group challenges and short, tailored exercise sessions you can do from anywhere.

Contact us to find out how you can start your own corporate challenge.

Our goal is to help you reach yours.

Start your own healthy workplace challenge today.

Our goal is to help you reach yours.

Start your own healthy workplace challenge today.