Our partners come in all shapes and sizes

and share a common goal to help the world move better.

Our partners come in all shapes and sizes

and share a common goal to help the world move better.

We’re working with a growing community of organizations dedicated to helping people move toward a healthier future.

Gympass Logo

One membership, unlimited ways to feel good.

Gympass is a complete corporate wellbeing platform that offers unlimited access to top gyms, studios and wellbeing apps.

Find a health-care provider that’s right for you.

Lumino Health provides access to local and virtual health-care providers, health and wellness content and health innovations.

Twic Logo

Benefits for the modern workforce.

Twic gives employees the freedom to choose  health and wellness options that are right for them.

Joon Logo

Wellbeing benefits aren’t one size fits all.

Joon is helping companies reshape the landscape of care and transform the health of people everywhere.

Coach Lynn Logo

Learn to walk and run with an Olympian.

Coach Lynn is a record setting Canadian Olympian who offers personal run coaching and dynamic online training progams. 

Project Love Run Logo

Where brunch, running and real talk come together.

PLR is a running collective for all self-identified womxn seeking a safe space to connect with others and their own minds and bodies.

lululemon logo in white with red background

Elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness.

lululemon is an athletic retailer committed to innovation in the health and wellness space driven by scientific research, passionate partnerships and strong communities.

Mentor Hub logo

A supportive accountability platform.

MentorHub enables mentors to track mentees’ use of the world’s best educational, workforce development, and mental health programs.

Think we’d make fast friends?

We’re always looking for new partnerships. Let us know how you can see us working together.

We’re better together.

Let’s move toward a healthier
future for everyone.

We’re better together.

Let’s move toward a healthier future for everyone.