by Oben Hart

An Extra Effective Way
to Reduce Tension & Feel Better

Saje’s Extra Strength Remedy and movr Minis can reduce tension, aches and pains to improve your daily life 
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“It’s just a quick 3km,” I thought. “I don’t need to warm up for that.” 

The next morning, as I rolled out of bed with a groan, I knew I was in trouble before my feet even hit the floor. Everything was tight, from my ankles to my lower back. 

“This is why I don’t run,” I mumbled, knowing full well that I was the only one to blame for my condition. As I hobbled awkwardly out of my bedroom, I wondered how I was going to survive the day.

Whether fleeting or full-time, self-inflicted or involuntary, the experience of aches and pains in your muscles, tendons and ligaments can feel extremely limiting. It can be hard enough just to get moving, let alone tackle your inevitable laundry list of tasks for the day ahead.

I’m one of those guys who tries to just grin and bear it. I’ll limp around complaining loudly, until the tension (hopefully) subsides a few days later. I should know better – I work for movr, after all – but when you feel restricted, even light restorative movement can feel like a big ask.

Usually, it wouldn’t occur to me to look elsewhere for extra relief. But this time I remembered that I’d recently been gifted the Extra Strength roll-on, the latest addition to Saje’s Pain Release line. With my aching limbs feeling stiffer by the second, this timely gift seemed too serendipitous to ignore.

For over 25 years, Saje has been at the forefront of combating daily aches and pains the natural way, with their line of 100% plant-based pain relief products. They know that – for better or worse – what we put in and on our bodies is directly related to our health. This is why they use exclusively natural ingredients, free of harmful synthetics.

Described as their most powerful formula and strongest pain reliever to date, Extra Strength harnesses the natural power of 3 main ingredients: sweet birch, peppermint, and clove. The first of these contains an active ingredient similar to the one found in Aspirin. I liked it already.

I also learned that after years of research and testing, the Extra Strength remedy has been licensed as a Natural Health Product (NHP) in Canada and an Over-the-Counter medical treatment (OTC) in the United States. For me, this added another layer of credibility that I hadn’t previously associated with essential oils.

In addition to its reported efficacy and impressive credentials, the Extra Strength roll-on is also notable for its size. Clocking in at nearly 5x larger than their next biggest roll-on remedy, it’s intentionally designed to treat tension on larger surface areas.

My entire lower half felt stiff as a board, so I had all the motivation I needed to get rollin’.

I set to work applying Extra Strength to my ankles, calves, hamstrings and quads. Go big, or go home just as sore as before – isn’t that right? 

The first thing I noticed was that even just the act of applying the Extra Strength felt good. As I rolled it back and forth over my aching muscles, it felt like I was treating my tightest areas to a gentle massage. My mouth hung open slightly and my face contorted into a series of awkward expressions – a clear indication that I was hitting the right spots. 

The real win came a few minutes later, however, when the effects of the remedy began to set in. Somehow it felt intense and relaxing at the same time, no doubt enhanced by the strong peppermint aroma.

As the Extra Strength took effect, I couldn’t tell if the areas I’d treated felt warm or cool; I just knew they felt… well, better. To be honest, it was hard to feel anything beyond the soothing sensation of the remedy. 

I stood up to test out my new legs, and relished in the lack of overwhelming tension that I’d been experiencing up to that point. The symptoms of my ill-advised run weren’t completely gone, but they were much more manageable.

Despite the intensity of the Extra Strength remedy – or likely because of it – I was able to take my mind off my body’s condition and focus on the rest of my day.

Since then, I’ve used Extra Strength to treat everything from general body tension to more acute pain – often stemming from my frequently ill-advised activities. Sometimes I don’t even have anything specific to treat, but after a big workout or a long day on my feet, the roll-on remedy just plain feels good. 

One of my favourite ways to use Extra Strength came about recently, when I started using it in combination with a little focused movement.

As soon as the remedy has gone to work and my muscles feel more relaxed, I take advantage by easing into a couple of low impact, corrective exercises. This lil’ combo helps speed up the recovery process and always leaves me feeling loose and limber.


Here’s how Saje and movr reduce tension:

As the potent natural ingredients of Extra Strength alleviate tension and provide pain relief in your muscles, joints and ligaments, they also stimulate your nervous system and increase blood flow.

There’s nothing more tempting than the idea of kicking back and relaxing as the soothing sensations set in (trust me, I know). But this is actually a great time for you to get your body moving again.

Should you jump back into another HIIT workout right away? Probably not. But you can capitalize on the relaxing benefits of the Extra Strength remedy with a few minutes of restorative exercises that open you up, mobilize your tight spots, and lock in a healthy, functional range of motion. 

This gives your body a helpful nudge towards faster recovery in the short-term, and better overall function in the long-term. No matter how you like to move or where your body aches originate, that’s a big step in the right direction. 

Luckily, that’s a big part of what movr is all about. Our 5-minute “Mini” sessions serve up approachable, low-impact exercises. These short sessions are intentionally designed to feel good and set you up for success in whatever’s coming next. Two of my go-to’s are Relieve Neck Tension and Heavenly Hip Flexors. And the best part? They’re totally free.

Am I a little biased? Sure.

Does that mean that these tools aren’t really effective? No way, José.

So stop waiting around for your aches and pains to subside like I used to. Don’t settle for a diminished version of yourself.

With simple, effective tools like Saje’s Extra Strength pain relief remedy and movr’s restorative movement training, you’ve got everything you need to start feeling better in your body, every single day.

Feeling better in your body doesn’t have to hurt.

Start feeling
better today.

Feeling better in your body doesn’t have to hurt.

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better today.