If you’ve got lower back tension,

try this.

A quick movement sequence that can measurably improve
lower back discomfort (in about 7 minutes).

When it comes to physical limitations, back aches reign supreme. Of the pain points experienced by movr users, the lower and upper back make up 47%!

And it’s not just the movrs – 1 in 2 North American adults report experiencing back discomfort on a semi-regular basis.

We’ll spend the next few posts looking at common back pain-points and simple movement sequences that can help. Today, we’re working on the lower back.

It’s a simple 3-step process that takes about 7 minutes. All you need is the movr app and a little space to move.

Let’s jump in!

Step 1: Assess your hip rotation.

Your hips are one of several factors that contribute to how your back feels and functions day-to-day. The way your hips are moving can be a good indicator of how your back will feel.

So we’ll start there for now and follow up soon with other movements that impact your back health.

To get started, open up the movr app, navigate to Your Assessment, and start the Hip Rotation test. Take note of how it’s feeling in the moment.

start assessment

Step 2: Do a 5-minute Mini.

So you’ve assessed your hip rotation (way to go!) and now it’s time to move a little. With the right exercises, feeling better in your body doesn’t need to be a big, time-consuming ordeal.

You can feel a difference in as little as 5 minutes! After that, you’ll be ready to move through whatever your day has in store.

When you’re ready, dive back into the movr app, navigate to Everyday Minis, and find the Ease Your Low Back mini under Target Your Tension.

Step 3: Re-assess your hip rotation.

 Now that you’ve finished a focused period of movement, we recommend checking back in.

Take 30 seconds to re-assess your hip rotation, taking care to notice if your hips are feeling or moving differently than before.

So how’d it go?

If you’re already seeing and/or feeling improvement – great! Reducing tension can be that easy. Now you’ve got a simple approach to help you move and feel better whenever you need it.

If you didn’t feel much change or are still feeling stuck, that’s okay too. These things can take a little time and may require a few different approaches to find the right fit.

Stick with us as we explore more simple movement sequences that can make a big impact on how your body moves and feels. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you!

If you’ve got any questions or want to let us know how you experienced the sequence above, send us a note anytime.

movr is a health technology company focused on measurably improving movement health. We do so through our end consumer app and by integrating our assessment and recommendations logic with fitness and health technology companies who are innovating the future of movement health. 

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Feel better in your body

with exercise curated for you using an approach backed by science.

Feel better in your body

with exercise curated for you using an approach backed by science.