Win Every Single Day

With Small, Achievable Exercise Goals

They feel good and actually improve your daily life 
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Let’s face it, life these days is busy.

You’ve got a hundred things on your to-do list, and squeezing in time to take care of your physical health can be a legitimate challenge. 

Even when you do, it’s not always apparent how to set goals that make sense for your lifestyle. The exercise industry has normalized big goals focused on calories burnt, bikinis fit into, and bathroom selfies showcasing hard-won physical “transformations”. 

Every conversation about health seems centred around the food you’re avoiding or the blood, sweat and tears you’ve sacrificed to the exercise gods. So it’s understandable that people believe you’ve got to suffer in order to achieve anything of real significance.

Maybe you feel like you’ll only be successful when you look a certain way or endure a specific number of grueling workouts. But if you never end up getting there, the whole effort can feel like a failure.

We just don’t think about things the same way.

We fundamentally believe that you can – and should – find little ways to win every day. Goals don’t have to be big and daunting. They don’t need to be based on unsustainable ideals or focused on social comparison.

After thousands of sessions in movr and in person, we’ve learnt that goals work best when they’re bite-sized, measurable, and relevant. Not relevant for your friends, or according to trends. Relevant for you. 

If you shake the fitness stereotypes and just pay attention to how you actually feel in your body, you can find plenty of opportunities to win.

You took 5 minutes to work out some kinks in your neck this morning? That’s a win.

You got up from your desk at lunch to get outside and stretch your legs? Another win.

You played ‘airpline’ with your kid a million times and didn’t feel back pain? Win, win, win.

Small, personalized goals make a big impact on how you experience your day-to-day life. Every little achievement can feel good and help you enjoy the skin you’re in.

You don’t have to wait for some imagined future payoff. No matter what your larger goals are in life, it’s the little wins along the way that make life truly enjoyable. And it’s these same little wins that give you the resiliency to keep on truckin’ when life throws unexpected challenges your way.

So why not win every day? 

How might you feel if you made little wins a regular practice?

What if you thought of winning based simply on how you experience your body – the way it moves, the way you feel – and the freedom that comes with knowing that’s all that really matters?  

At movr, we know that specific, made-for-you exercise selection is the best approach when it comes to making real progress. That’s why we’ve built small, attainable goals right into the app – to give everyone a simple and personalized roadmap to feeling better in their body, every single day.


Our goal is to help you reach yours.

Download movr today.
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Our goal is to help you reach yours.

Download movr today. It’s free.